Check out these Boston Dynamics promo LEGO kits

I’m not what one might deem a “swag guy.” I’ve known plenty over the years – video game and comics shows are a particular hot bed. People beg for extra t-shirts, fidget spinners and anything else they can get their hands on. You see them wandering the halls of convention centers, tote bags spilling over with promotional items.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

I get it. I like free stuff, too. As a rule, however, if I do end up with some cheap promotional thing, I’ll give it away more often than not. I live in a one bedroom in New York, where the Collyer Brothers and Grey Gardens loom large. This, however, is my one exception at the moment. I currently have a small collection of robot stress balls (above). It’s a modest collection at three – Amazon, Hai and Locus – but there’s something about a tiny, colorful take on a big industrial robot that warms my heart.

But as robot swag goes it’s hard to beat these two Lego kits I put together over lunch today. If there’s a better way to get someone to buy a very expense robot (Spot, for instance, is a cool $75,000), I haven’t seen it. Boston Dynamics has been using these to help promote Spot (46 pieces) and Stretch (44 pieces), but good luck getting a set if you’re not currently in the market for an industrial robot (I might be, but again, small apartment).

For everyone else, there a couple of unofficial Boston Dynamics-inspired projects over on at the LEGO site to check out, including this 1:4 scale motorized version of Spot.

Check out these Boston Dynamics promo LEGO kits by Brian Heater originally published on TechCrunch

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